Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton‘s Batman. Our friends at Cinetropolis have posted a rarely seen WB preview for film distributors in 1988. The promo was made around August 1988, production designer Anton Furst conducts a tour of the sets under construction, and the model shops. The batmobile is wheeled out, with Keaton in full Batman costume, a searchlight settling on the Bat-symbol on his chest. To give an idea of the actor’s range and suggest the mood of the film, clips are shown from Beetlejuice and Clean and Sober for Keaton, and The Witches Of Eastwick for Jack Nicholson. 

Embedded below is a collection of storyboard artist David Russell’s work with the film’s final shots. See more of David Russell’s portfolio at

In the early stages Burton was trying to connect the classic Batman with the Dark Knight. It did seem that he wasn’t very familiar with the character. Burton is not a particularly adept storyteller, but his visual signature is truly amazing. From the outset, Tim wanted Batman to be a very dark film. I started out designing in pencil, then black, but Tim kept wanting an even darker style, of imagery, so at the very end of my assignment, I switched to white pencil and black paper.David Russell

Vintage magazine articles mostly focusing on Burton from two issues of Starlog magazine:

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